Nefta’s Next-Gen Ad Network
Growth Unlocked,
In A Privacy-First World
Discover our solutions to better monetise, acquire, and retain users— especially those that opt-out of ATT.
Boost your eCPMs from iOS users by 30% using Nefta’s privacy-first solution.

Our innovative approach to first-party data has unlocked a substantial bonus to your existing ads revenue.
Maximise installs and ROAS from your budget by getting your ads in front of the right users, even when they opt out of ATT.
Nefta delivers your creatives when they’re most likely to get clicked and installed.
Nefta has created a full suite of tools to manage your game, including player, inventory, and marketplace management.
Create and manage player accounts, client-side or server-side logic, item creation and distribution - and choose from AWS, IPFS, or a blockchain of your choice.
We’re partnering with the best in the industry to bring our product to the movers and shakers of the future.
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Who is Nefta?
Nefta is a team with decades of experience in gaming, advertising, analytics, and highly-scalable platforms. Our people have worked at some amazing companies, including; Outfit7, Apple, Google, Meta, AdColony, Blippar, and others. We are invested in by some of the industry top VCs.
What is Nefta?
Nefta is a platform built with a focus on helping game developers and brands connect with their audiences and grow their businesses. We do this by giving our customers access to brilliant tools to help them build exciting new experiences, acquire users that will help their business grow, and generate additional revenue through advertising. We also make it really easy for our customers to launch their products to the blockchain.
Who does Nefta work with?
We work with a range of game developers on across our build, monetise, and advertise product lines, to assist in in-app ad monetisation, user acquisition campaigns, and game management.

Nefta also work with brands that want to engage their audiences with innovative experiences by leveraging our build tools to provide blockchain experiences to their users.
How can we find out more?
You can easily book a meeting with a member of our team for a demo of any of our products, as well as to ask any questions and discover more.