New clients now invited to sign-up: Beta program opens for breakthrough platform that uses first party data for behavioural analysis to deliver better UA and ad monetisation results

Pocket Gamer Connects leaders and attendees get a first-hand look into Nefta’s cutting edge adtech solution that is developed exclusively for a privacy-first world utilising the very latest machine learning technology to deliver optimum results from first-party data

London, January 22, 2024 – Nefta, the mobile games industry adtech focused on user acquisition and ad monetization on iOS - and the first developed for a privacy-focused world - today opens its beta programme, to select developers and publishers. The new platform, revealed at Pocket Gamer Connects in London today, is designed to bring developers superior IAA revenue, from opted-out iOS users. 

Additionally, Nefta’s next generation ad platform, powered by machine learning, combines premium first-party data monetization with unique data insights, enabling a better understanding of a game's players. 

In the beta programme Nefta will be taking a white-glove approach with each of its clients to ensure each individual games studio gets the most out of the platform in the most customised way. Each new developer that comes onto the program has a dedicated Nefta team that carefully customises the set-up process which once successfully implemented, self-iterates. 

Nefta CEO, Geeshan Willink says: “Our platform overcomes the constraints so many face with ATT - and with our tech we deliver unique data insights based on analysing mapped behavioural data and proprietary signals. We work closely with our pre-selected partners to get them onboard, providing support and guidance every step of the way.

“Soon we’ll be selecting games developers to work with us for the launch of our beta programme, and during PGC London we invite developers to sign-up to join our waitlist. We’re very excited to be at PGC London to bring our real commercial solution, to real developers, right now.”


About Nefta

Founded by games industry veterans, Nefta devises solutions built on next-generation machine learning technology that help developers and publishers engage new audiences and increase monetisation. Its team of experts work with clients to create tailored solutions to the challenges faced by the industry in these changing times. Nefta’s white-glove approach brings bespoke care to every company it works with.

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