LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 8th MARCH – Nefta, the Web3 technology platform, has announced a new partnership with blockchain gaming launchpad Block Born, providing support for NFT minting and a white label marketplace. 
Founded by esports veterans, Block Born offers developers a comprehensive, accessible and user-friendly toolbox to integrate Game Services like tournaments, battle passes, quests, and more. Block Born’s “no-code” admin dashboard allows non-technical marketing and product teams to create, launch, and manage Game Services to increase player retention, create new revenue streams, and differentiate themselves from competing games. The Block Born Launchpad offers developers a place to crowdfund by selling NFTs, in-game assets, or native tokens, funding new project ideas or content expansions for existing projects.
Nefta's whitelabel suite and NFT minting tools will be integrated into Block Born’s platform, giving developers easy access to tools for developing successful Web3 games on the Tezos Blockchain, an energy-efficient and self-upgradable proof-of-stake blockchain.
With a team of esports veterans, and a world-class Game Services offering, Block Born strives to onboard dozens of games to the Tezos ecosystem in 2023. Now, with the Nefta partnership, aspiring games studios have the opportunity to centralise all of their Web3 elements in one place. 
The partnership will be brought to life through Block Born x Nefta tournaments and Twitter spaces, alongside content focused around improving existing Web3 games, bringing the best of Web2 to Web3, and other technical discussions around the future of the space.
Geeshan Willink, CEO and Co-Founder of Nefta, said: “We are pleased to be part of Block Born’s mission to make Web3 gaming fairer and more accessible, and we’re proud to offer our services to help bring their ambitious projects to life. Block Born is backed by some of the biggest names in the Web3 space, and their expertise combined with Nefta’s comprehensive end-to-end toolbox means we’re able to bring fun and fair Web3 experiences to more gamers.”
Block Born is supported by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, including the Tezos Foundation,, Balthazar DAO, Bloometa, and Interpop. The new partnership with Nefta further reinforces its commitment to empowering Web3 studios, with a shared goal of making an accessible and streamlined gaming experience on the blockchain. 
Will Pazos, SVP of Block Born, said: “With a shared vision of empowering Web3 gaming studios and making the blockchain more accessible, Nefta was the perfect partner to help us focus on building and growing great games. With Nefa’s support, we’re able to focus on what we do best, and help our partners successfully scale their projects, while making it easier than ever to integrate onto the Tezos blockchain.”
Nefta recently announced that it has become one of the first Verified Solutions on the new “Decentralization” category page of the Unity Asset Store. The new category includes vetted solutions to support developers interested in technology that enables decentralization in gaming.
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About Nefta
Founded by games industry veterans, Nefta is a Web3 technology platform that helps businesses launch and grow high quality Web3 products to engage new audiences, and establish sustainable blockchain economies. 
Powering the future of gaming, Nefta is a one-stop-shop for Web3 tools, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to enter and grow in the Web3 space. Nefta provides seamless integration for digital assets, multi-chain wallets, tokens, custom marketplaces, white label services and more, using bespoke APIs and SDKs. With Nefta's support, businesses gain valuable insight into blockchain economies, monetization and user analytics. Nefta has raised additional VC funding from investment rounds, and is rapidly growing. 
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About Block Born
Block Born builds high-quality, easily managed, web 3-enabled software to help any game improve its user engagement, retention, acquisition, and overall monetization. Created by veterans who’ve worked in esports business, marketing, broadcast, and data, Block Born is uniquely positioned to deliver its services to the next generation of games building on Tezos.
Built with game studios in mind, Block Born was built to be front-end agnostic with the goal being to reach as many users as possible, wherever they may be. With our SDK and Discord integration, games can leverage all the power of Block Born and Tezos without having to ask them to leave their favourite gaming hub. Block Born was also built with an understanding that game services (tournaments, battle passes, etc) are traditionally managed by non-technical team members (marketing and/or product), meaning that once the integration is complete, anyone can come in and create, launch, and manage our services without writing or deploying a single line of code.