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01 Mar 2024
Pocketgamer Connects and GDC in March
Meet the Nefta team in San Francisco at Pocketgamer Connects and GDC March 18th -23rd, 2024.
01 Feb 2024
Nefta will be at Gamesforum Barcelona
Nefta is proud to sponsor Gamesforum Barcelona on February 7 -8th
22 Jan 2024
Nefta announces its privacy-first Adtech Platform at PocketGamer Connects 2024
Nefta announces the launch of it's future-proofed adtech network that delivers on the promise of monetising first-party data for more personalised advertising to iOS users that opt-out of ATT.
08 Jan 2024
Neft Proud to Sponsor Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024
Nefta is excited to sponsor PGC London 2024. Debuting our new adtech solution which delivers the best results for UA and Ad Monetisation.
18 Sep 2023
Nefta and XPLA Partner to Superpower Web3 Gaming
XPLA and Nefta aim for this partnership to increase web3 gaming adoption, foster game development, and increase the number of active usage on both fronts.
30 May 2023
Nefta partners with Imperium Games in bringing Cyber Arena fights to blockchain
Nefta will provide the tools for Imperium Games to bring the first-ever mobile real-time P2E multiplayer fight game to blockchain.
24 May 2023
Nefta brings it's Blockchain Toolbox to the Wombat X Accelerator Program
Nefta announces an exciting partnership with Spielworks for the Wombat X Accelerator Program
06 Apr 2023
Nefta expands VIKER partnership with simplified onboarding for communities and gaming guilds
Nefta’s community onboarding technology will enable VIKER to work with gaming guilds and other Web3 communities
20 Mar 2023
Nefta Releases Unreal Engine SDK for Web3 Toolbox Product
From today, developers interested in integrating blockchain technology will have full access to Nefta’s web3 toolbox via the Unreal Engine SDK
10 Mar 2023
Nefta and Block Born join forces to supercharge Web3 development on Tezos Blockchain
Nefta will support Block Born with NFT minting and marketplace creation to help developers build games that reward skill, shunning the pay-to-win model
02 Mar 2023
The Nefta SDK is now a Verified Solution and available on the Unity Asset Store
Developers interested in technology that enables decentralization in gaming will have access to Nefta’s full toolkit on the Unity Asset Store from today
16 Feb 2023
Nefta secures $5 million seed investment, led by Play Ventures
Nefta has already gained traction with its Web3 toolbox and white label solution, with a new Web3 ad network in development
02 Feb 2023
Nefta partners with MYSTiC GAMES to bring free-to-own NFTs to upcoming mobile MMO
Nefta will facilitate Web3 systems for MYSTiC GAMES, including wallet integration and free-to-own NFTs earned through gameplay
18 Jan 2023
Nefta partners with GAMI to bring simplified blockchain gaming to Web2 audiences
Nefta will create GAMI’s backend architecture, providing a frictionless experience for Web2 players seeking an accessible introduction to Web3
13 Jan 2023
Nefta is in London for PGC '23
Fernando Pernica will be in town talking to developers, investors, and partners
27 Dec 2022
Nefta adds ImmutableX to its leading Web3 toolbox as a option for game developers
Nefta is proud to announce the intergration of ImmutableX (IMX), a leading blockchain platform dedicated to Web3 gaming. IMX provides the security of the Ethereum blockchain whilst offering speeds similar to Solana. With no gas fees for transactions, IMX offers a truly free and accessible Web3 experience.
01 Dec 2022
Nefta partners with VIKER to bring blockchain technology to casual mobile games
Nefta will partner with VIKER to help pursue its goal of building the world's largest blockchain gaming community
18 Oct 2022
Nefta partners with Sooqista Studios
Mafia-themed storyline... Stunning stylised graphics... True asset ownership? duf.gg brings everything you've always wanted and didn't know to an open-world web3 action game
08 Oct 2022
Nefta is at Gamescom
Fernando Pernica & Geeshan Willink are headed to the once-yearly mecca of Gaming! Hit them up to talk about your games & hear all about the cool web3 things we've been working on... we might even have a surprise in store for you!
28 Sep 2022
Nefta partners with Medieval Empires to provide seamless blockchain technology
Nefta will provide its end-to-end solution to help build the upcoming blockchain game, Medieval Empires
13 Jun 2022
Picus Capital Invests $1M in Web3 Technology Platform Nefta
The Web3 technology platform announces significant investment from Picus Capital, an international technology investment firm, marking a vote of confidence in the future of the space and the growth of the company
01 Jun 2022
Nefta is in Istanbul for WhiteNights '22
Geeshan Willink and Fernando Pernica will be in town talking to developers, investors, and anyone who wants to chat about #blockchaingaming Hit them up for a chat / beer / coffee at booth S30!