Boost revenue
from ATT opt-out users

Earn superior eCPMs by leveraging Nefta's new approach to first-party data.

Better monetisation

The solution to lost iOS in-app advertising revenue

Nefta has created a privacy-first solution that enables us to pay higher eCPMs on users who have opted-out of tracking, resulting in significantly higher revenue.

How Nefta can pay you more

By analysing patterns of behaviour as players interact with apps Nefta discovered that certain patterns respond better to certain ad creatives. As a result, Nefta is able to charge marketers a higher rate and pay publishers a premium.

First-party behavioural patterns

Integrate the Nefta Ad SDK through MAX, IS LevelPlay, or directly. Next, add our simple game event tags to your app. These first-party game events unlock our understanding of user's behaviour and ensure compliance with Apple’s policies.


Our solution is developed with a 'privacy-by-design' approach, a fundamental focus on protecting user privacy. Nefta has gone to great lengths to ensure that every publisher can work with Nefta compliantly.

For full details on Apple’s policies and how Nefta abides by them, please view our documentation here.

Maximise your IAA from iOS users.

Nefta’s solution allows you to deliver more relevant ads and earn higher eCPMs from all iOS opt-out users.

Unique benefits

Monetise with Nefta

Nefta’s ad network ensures the best possible price, ease of integration, and never-before-seen insights into player behaviours, mechanics, and the play styles they care about. Get your monetisation back into the game with a network built for the future

Future-proofed compliance

Nefta's platform adopts a new approach to monetisation putting compliance with privacy frameworks at the forefront. Future proofing our monetisation solution for the privacy-first era.

Opt-out signal generation

Deliver relevant ads to users who opt-out. Fingerprinting may be gone but usage behaviour hasn't changed. Nefta provides you with the solution to detect, analyse, and monetise these signals again.

Improved revenue

Nefta's SDK is integrated via header bidding, operating in real-time to ensure better bids including on users who have opted-out. Improving the value of opt-out users improves your revenue.

Behavioural analysis

Acquire unprecedented insight into users behaviour. Nefta's analytics and reporting allows your team to explore and act on a new dimension of usage data, helping you identify the in-app events which drive retention, increase revenue, or result in user churn.

An intuitive platform


The Nefta Ad Platform has everything to easily setup ad placements, view reports, and manage user access.

Application Management

Nefta’s platform provides a singular, intuitive dashboard to manage all of your titles in one place. Create, assign, and activate ad units simply and easily.

Customised UA Campaigns

With Nefta you can run UA campaigns targeted from the behavioural analysis of your users in your titles. Set your optimisation goals and our platform will show look-alike campaigns to users who mirror the profile of your optimal users.

Streamlined SDK

Our Ad SDK has a small footprint, is highly customisable, and is highly performant (CPU & memory wise). Developed by our industry-leading team that built SDKs for the likes of Outfit7, they are designed to minimise the impact on you app’s performance, offering a non-critical yet efficient integration. Integrate directly or via custom adaptor through IronSource/Max mediation.

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What makes Nefta unique for publishers?
Our privacy-first approach is a unique solution that aims at maximising eCPMs for iOS users that have opted out of ATT.
How is Nefta compliant?
We don’t collect or process any PII, we don’t track users, we can’t identify users, we don’t fingerprint, link data, mix data, or use any third-party data.

Nefta only uses your first-party usage data, in the form of game events, to understand which advert to deliver to a user. Read our compliance overview
Do I have to share any sensitive data?
No. Nefta has created a taxonomy of game events, which are broad tags indicating the anonymised usage of how users interact with your game.

This is the only data you need to transmit to Nefta, and this is the only data we use to determine which ad to show a user.
How can we find out more?
Simply reach out to a member of our team who can provision your account, assist you in integration, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with any deals or benefits that we’re currently providing new publishers.
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