Optimise revenue performance
for every ad opportunity
Nefta's verifiable in-app hybrid mediation displays the ad from SDK network with the highest real-time or aggregate price.
Forward looking advertising
In-house mediation accessible to everyone
In-house mediation improves Ad-ARPDAU by 15-30% and is now available to gaming companies of all sizes. Outsource your in-house mediation to Nefta and we take care of all tech, maintenance and AdOps.
Works alongside existing mediation
Nefta's pre-mediation works alongside existing mediation stacks. Either using aggregate eCPMs or real time bids, gaming companies receive maximum revenue for every ad opportunity.
No gate-keeping of network competition
Gaming companies deserve auctions that include a diversity of ad networks, Nefta is constantly adding new networks to optimise publisher revenue for every segment.
Fair and transparent auction dynamics
Prioritisation of the winning network for an ad opportunity is fair, open and verifiable as it happens in-app (SDK) and not behind closed doors. Gaming companies always receive the best price.