Next-Level User Experiences
Create a streamlined user experience with a powerful solution to manage users, create digital products, power a marketplace, and more - on or off the blockchain.
Build a seamless user experience
Fully embrace the future and create innovative experiences that your users will love you for. With Nefta’s platform you can manage users, create digital items, power a marketplace and more—either on or off the blockchain.
Player management with integrated wallet
Optimise user onboarding via guest accounts, log-in credentials, SSO, or wallet connection. Streamline administration, use server or client side logic through AWS or blockchain technology all while prioritising security by entrusting us with account management. Additionally, utilise Nefta’s semi-custodial, multi-chain wallet during account creation integrating blockchain invisibly, providing an uninterrupted in-game experience.
Digital Products
Easily create a catalogue of items within your app, making them available for easy inventory management. Build allows you to bulk create items and manage distribution from your own store in our platform. Enabling blockchain integration means the ability to mint items, gift, sell, or rent them, as well as change metadata all via AWS, IPFS, or a blockchain of your choice.
Build a sustainable and scalable business
Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology that can drive greater engagement, retention, and monetisation.
Branded marketplaces
Give your users a branded experience with every transaction be it credit card, fiat, or cryptocurrency. Easily add and distribute your products through your marketplace, built on Nefta’s infrastructure. Navigate seamlessly through Apple and Google store policies with our innovative alternative currency solution, aligning compliance with customisation.
Onboarding communities
Discover simplified solutions for seamlessly onboarding and engaging with guilds and various communities. Reward partners and communities with special items, enhancing interaction through exclusive rewards and offerings.

Efficiently manage and distribute assets with our advanced gifting and rental systems. Streamline the processes of uploading and managing wallets for bulk gifting and renting, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the community.
Cutting-edge technology
Explore a robust infrastructure for control and success in your projects. Built by industry veterans in gaming, advertising, and finance, our platform is built with the latest technology, giving you access to users on mobile via Unity and Unreal SDKs, operating entirely through user-friendly REST APIs.
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