The Privacy-First approach
driving Installs and Retention
Boost installs and elevate UA performance by presenting your ads to the most relevant audiences, even those who've opted out of ATT tracking.
Forward looking advertising
Improved installs and ROAS for advertisers
Campaign performance has suffered because users opt out of tracking.
No tracking means no ID, no PII, and no profile to target your campaigns with.
Nefta has solved this problem and can deliver your ads to relevant users.
More installs and better ROAS
Nefta has a new and unique method of understanding in-app behaviour from publisher first-party data. We use anonymised player behaviour patterns to deliver your ads to users that are most likely to click and install. You can finally generate effective results from opt out users.
Acquire the right users from launch to growth
The unique insight we have into anonymised player behaviour patterns unlocks two types of campaign for marketers. Install campaigns deliver your ads to those who are most likely to install, and Retention campaigns to players that are likely to retain the best in your game.
Easy measurement and reporting
Nefta works with leading MMPs, so you can easily see how well we perform within your single source of truth. Additionally, Nefta reports the aggregated game behaviours patterns of users who click your ad creative and install the game.
Unlock the full potential of your budget.
Nefta is the only solution to completely remove PII, tracking, and the user from the equation. Only we can fully analyse player behaviour and put your ads in front of users who are likely to convert.
Campaign types
Tailored campaigns for elevated results
Harness innovative strategies to connect with your ideal audience, optimizing engagement and retention in a world beyond tracking limitations.
Acquisition campaigns
Reach users with the highest probability of clicking and installing. With our new approach to first-party data, Nefta can optimise your campaign and get your creatives in front of the correct users, even when they opt out of tracking.
Retention campaigns
Put your ad in front of users which follow a similar pattern of behaviour to your best retaining users. This campaign type is particularly powerful at acquiring your ideal player profile, especially as your title becomes established and mass volume becomes less of a priority.
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